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Alison Ye

I never stopped believing in love. There are many memories that I have kept in my heart. Among them are stories of heartbreak, self-healing, and of finding love again on this journey. Creating art has become my language in telling these stories.

I create different cute characters that live in a fantasyland, and they play out the real lives of my friends and I. Some of my works are based on sad memories, but still, I choose to make my art playful and colorful to express my belief in love. I always draw before I start sculpting, because I enjoy creating whimsical worlds inhabited by odd creatures. I like to translate these drawings into sculptures that capture my imagination.

Pain, recovery and loving again is not only my concept and my own story, it is something that happens to most people. I want to tell these tales, not only to create something fun and to express my feelings, but also to find the unique memories kept in everyone’s hearts and to share them through my sculpture.