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What is Sentient Art?

This work explores a new visual theme to document and record meaning in the modern era.
Sentience is the capability to reason, to feel, and to be globally aware. It seeks symbols and metaphors to understand modern life on a global scale - the rocket flame, the living plant, the fossil. Related to the original surrealists which sought the real functioning of human thought, Sentience moves away from illusory or pop surrealism to discover fundamental, everyday symbols that connect us. Sentient Art seeks symbols of modern reality to understand our shared connections and suffering across cultures.

Sentience seeks a new perspective on global change.

Rama Karl is a fine artist, computer scientist and media theorist. His thesis works at Cornell University explored robotic sculpture, while his dissertation examined creativity support tools with the Media Arts & Technology Program at the University of California Santa Barbara. Rama was Assistant Professor of graphics and animation in Medialogy at Aalbord University in Copenhagen, and recently Research Engineer in animation with NVIDIA. Rama currently investigates art theory, ecology and our relationship to technology and nature.