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For March of 2020, FM Oakland is featuring the alluring work of Oakland artist Dana Zed in her latest show "Conceptual Glass". Dana Zed is exploring states of mind by using a myriad of glass techniques. Zed works in both plate glass, mirror and Bullseye colorful glass. She fuses, drills and saws the various types of glass. She uses inclusions of copper, brass and silver. Dana combines the glass with ceramic, stone, metal and other objects to create visual poetry of non linear narratives residing in a place without time. She references the invisible numinous dimension using a heavenly object above a more earthbound object. They exist together but don't quite connect. Additionally the scenarios inside the boxes speak of the human drama. Such titles like "Misplaced Intentions", "Ego's Slippery Slope", "Alone", "Still Tied to You" and "Look Inside for Your Happy Place”, to name a few, give us direction in viewing this work.


March 6th – 28th, 2020

Artist Reception:
- Saturday March 14th 5:30-9:30pm

First Friday Reception:
- March 6th 6-9pm