2019 > Ziheng Zhu "American Monologue by a Chinese"

"American Monologue by a Chinese"

After years of traveling and searching through different regions and cultures, the pluralism comes to realization to Ziheng Zhu's work. He continues to deal with how histories and cultures influence the concept of culture in our modern time. Capturing the emotion around political and social justice issues, the responsibility of his work is to acknowledge the possible inadequacy of understanding; to try to push our society forward into a future that has a more impartial aperture. The new show "American monologue by a Chinese" is a new series of work that developed through the years that Zhu lived in the US. The "American Monologue by a Chinese" focuses on the code-switching(disambiguation) and language alternation from a multilingual perspective. Zhu intends to decode the insecurity and insincerity arises when the influx of cultures and languages clash.

April 5th – April 27th, 2019

First Friday Reception:
April 5th 5-9pm