Upcoming Exhibitions > Aaron Bos-Wahl - offerings "February 3rd - April 1st 2023"

FM Oakland is proud to host the latest paintings by Aaron Bos-Wahl. Aaron’s current body of work explores spaces in Oakland and elsewhere through realistic watercolors and drawings. These images contemplate how our physical spaces are charged with the richness of our cultural, spiritual and emotional landscapes, even when people themselves are absent. Often, they frame small moments of public expression created by others - gestures that are at once quiet, almost unnoticeable, and at the same time powerful and poetic. Aaron’s work owes much to the tradition of documentary photography and its intention to capture a glimpse of a lived moment. He draws his imagery primarily from personal snapshots, translating these into detailed renderings.

Aaron Bos-Wahl was born in 1982 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He studied art at the University of Iowa and Washington University in St. Louis. A recent transplant from Philadelphia, he currently lives and works in Oakland, California where he teaches art at Redwood Day School.

Aaron Bos-Wahl
December 3rd, – April 1st 2023
Art Murmur Receptions: First Fridays 5-9pm, February 3rd & March 3rd